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Artmobile Photographer Elizabeth Mendez Featured on Humans of Worthington

“My family and I moved to Worthington from North Carolina because we had family here. We moved when I was young so Worthington has always been home to me. Currently I am studying in St. Cloud State University. I am majoring in Social Work and doubling minoring in Human Relations and Gender and Women Studies. I plan to graduate on time and then most likely continue on with my Masters degree. My personal experiences, the work I have done with the Nobles County Collaborative, my volunteer work, my past job at the Southwest Crisis Center, and my internships at the Women’s Center on my campus and with the homeless population have only encouraged me to believe that I am on the right path. At a young age, I was not always happy to have grown up in a small town. Now I realize that the experiences I have had here through the people I have met have shaped who I am. This includes the good and the bad. I have grown to realize that obstacle are good. Instead of seeing myself at the bottom, I have grown to switch my mindset and see myself at the top because of the strength I have obtained through my journey. I have also learned that forgiveness is the most powerful gift we can give. It is the necessary tool to let go of the hate and find peace. I’m thankful to Worthington for helping me grow.”

— with Elizabeth Mendez in Worthington, Minnesota.

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