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Updated: Jun 26, 2019

Gail Holinka

Holinka is a tireless community activist for the arts, chair of the Worthington Public Arts Commission, an art instructor at Worthington Senior High School, and in her spare time (there’s spare time?) she works as a professional artist.

As a lifelong resident of Worthington, she knows the community well and has a deep, abiding commitment to making it better through the arts. She makes accomplishing what looks impossible seem easy. (Pro tip: It’s not.)

Art has allowed her to create with people of all ages and the joy is universal as time slips away.

Who is your favorite artist?

Claude Monet’s paintings embody my love of nature. His magnificent use of color and light create a sense of peace and calmness for me. Capturing color through my photography and paintings is exciting for me, when I am able to create a mood that others can also enjoy. Monet takes you to his garden, I take you to my lake~ beautiful Lake Okabena.

What inspires you?

Nature is my greatest source of inspiration, along with other artists whom I admire. In nature, I can go to a place where I feel calm and find peace during stressful times. A lot of my inspiration is drawn from light and beauty around me, when the world seems full of darkness at times.

What is your motto?

Your life is a canvas, paint it wisely! If it is to be it is up to me!

Never take life for granted~ make the most of every day!

Postcard Series- See the work Gail does to build community art during the 15th Annual Worthington Windsurfing Regatta.

Gail is featured in the Worthington Globe, please see her article here:

(Photo by The Globe)

Bobbie Alsgaard-Lien

I recently asked my high-school-aged daughter if she knew Bobbie Lien. “Who?” “Bobbie Alsgaard-Lien, art professor at MN West.” “Oh!”, she said. “You mean Miss Bobbie.”

Bobbie captures her travels and life experiences with art supplies rather than a camera. She has won numerous awards for her art works and has had many exhibitions of her incredible work.

You can view some of these works on her website at

Who is your favorite artist?

Masaccio and so many others.

What inspires you?

Color, other artists and life.

What is your motto?

Quest your best with some rest! Process not product!

(Photo by Donovan Morrow)

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